Welcome to a whole new ball game!

WAVESD18LEAGUE is an elite level, fully timed Basketball League with athletes aged 14-18 (please note that athletes born 2009 or later are by selection only) joining a team via a draft system.

Every athlete that nominates to become part of the competition will be entered into a draft and be allocated a team & a playing singlet. Our vision is to have 7-8 athletes per team.

Teams will be selected with the focus to have evenly spread talent across the league ensuring that week after week high level basketball is on show.

Cost: $225 for 11 weeks of competitive competition + a playing singlet
Start date: Tuesday 23rd July 2024
Finish date:  Tuesday 24th September 2024

Note: As the name suggests this league differs from your typical domestic basketball competition. Please keep this in mind when applying for the draft as you may be denied access to the league if you do not possess an advanced level of Basketball experience.